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When Jay & Marquies decided to get married, we (just like everyone else) started to look for a caterer to do our wedding. To our surprise, all catering options were very expensive. We knew that all people enjoy creating memorable events with their family and friends and that delicious food is a big part of that. From that day forward we had it in our minds that everyone should be able to enjoy a catered event regardless of income. 

At first, we thought that catering would be a hobby outside of our “real” jobs. As time went on we realized that catering was our unique way of helping others and so we moved on from simply providing church hospitality and created our own business, Feeding the Multitudes, Catering in June 2007. We had one mission in mind, to serve and support as many as possible, amazing catered meals and events which remains our mission today.


In March of 2011, Feeding the Multitudes Catering won the U.S. Bank Make It Happen Contest which came with $10,000 in prize money! As a part of the contest and a way of giving back, we decided that Feeding the Multitudes would organize a sit-down dinner for 500 homeless men, women and children with the help of tons of volunteers, Metropolitan State College, Mile High United Way, and Emily Griffith Opportunity School Culinary Arts Program!

It was an incredible event, and the best give-back we have ever done! Most importantly, this event allowed us to follow through on our beliefs and we knew that our passion was true and sincere.

As we continued to pick up steam we added non-profit organizations to our list of opportunities to give back to the community through catering and have continued to do so as a part of our core mission.


In May 2014 we arrived at the Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute (RMMFI), a non-profit that supports business owners in achieving their dreams of business success. Several years earlier, Feeding the Multitudes had helped RMMFI with a catering event when they were just getting started. Now, as we found them again years later, the roles were reversed,as we were in need of their assistance this time. 

Feeding the Multitudes took part of RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp and at the end of this 12-week hard core boot camp for businesses, we re-launched Feeding the Multitudes Catering in August 2014 and are better than ever! 

We now have a new understanding and strategy: In order to help others we must first be able to help ourselves to stand strong and to stay standing. We have realized that by becoming a strong catering company and serving those who can afford the enticing meals for professional and personal events that Feeding the Multitudes is known for, we can strengthen our commitment and do more to serve our mission to help low income families and non-profits.

When you choose Feeding the Multitudes for your catering needs, please know that YOU too are helping those in our Community who need it most.

Staying the course to serve others as we serve the Lord we are constantly reminded… Lovest thou me…Feed my sheep. We are Feeding the Multiudes!

Watch this video to see our special event where Feeding the Multitudes fed over 500 people experiencing homelessness. This is one of our proudest moments!

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