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Special Events


Let us take your imagination a little further making it a reality. Imagine you and that special someone getting away in the tropics without ever taking a plane. Let us come in and create the perfect “Rendezvous Dinning!”

An example of Rendezvous Dinning: A couple was celebrating their anniversary mid-December. The husband contacted Feeding the Multitudes, requesting a picnic in December. We happily made it happen. We rented a hotel room at one of the premier hotels here in Colorado and transformed the room into a “Winter Wonderland.”

We included a blanket in the middle of the room with a picnic basket which included 2 champagne glasses, sparkling apple cider, chocolates, gourmet chicken and grape salad, croissants, mini appetizers, and the magic went on and on. We left a breakfast basket for the morning, and special treats all around the room and bathroom.

The proud couple was able to celebrate yet another successful year of marriage right here in beautiful Colorado with the help of Feeding the Multitudes.

We specialize in Rendezvous Dining!

Let your imagination take you to another dimension the price is as little or as large as your imagination will take you! Contact us today for more information!

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